Stand Atlantic - ‘f.e.a.r.’ Exclusive Vinyl LP

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Stand Atlantic time!

They're back with their latest (and for our money, greatest) album, 'f.e.a.r.', and you can grab an exclusive variant right here!

We've teamed up with the band and their label, Hopeless Records, to offer you this super limited transparent yellow variant of the record.

Only 300 exist, making it the rarest variant out there right now. And don't forget - once they're gone, they're gone!

The tracklist looks like this...

01. doomsday
02. pity party (feat. Royal & The Serpent)
03. van gogh
04. dumb
05. hair out
06. deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)

07. switchblade
08. nails from the back
09. bloodclot
10. don’t talk [to me]
11. xo
12. cabin fever (feat. my literal mum)
13. molotov [OK]

14. i wonder what kind of garlic bread they serve at MENSA

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